Who Are We?

Born on the XRP Ledger, Love Monsters is a limited series of 9999 handcrafted Monsters designed with Love. A truly revolutionary vision, Love Monster NFT is “more than just a .jpeg” enabling collectors to own, play, earn and breed.

Monster Meter

By owning a Love Monster, you obtain privileges in the gaming arena ready to battle it out with other owners & collectors. Each Love Monster starts with 10 points to be distributed as you choose between 5 key skills: Love Streak, Power, Speed, Agility & Rarity. Battle it out in a variety of different game modes ranging from 1v1, 2v2, 5v5 battles, Love Monster Tournament events, Arcade games and exploring the unchartered Metaverse known as Monster Planet, all while increasing your Love Monsters levels and ranking to perfect your monster.

Love Streak; measures how loving and caring your monster is. Power; the true strength we all wish to possess – some monsters are stronger than others but that doesn’t mean the strongest win! Speed; some monsters move slow but can beat you with power or rarity which is controlled by you as the owner. Agility allows your monster to avoid certain attacks from your opponents. Owners decide how they want to play each round, but remember, only one skill can be used in each round. Finally, Rarity; how rare is your Love Monster? Get loved up now before they sell out.

Love Monster Ecosystem

The Love Monster ecosystem offers a novel adaption to the Play to Earn revolution.

Our holistic vision brings to life a connected gaming experience branching into the Monster Planet Metaverse. Love Monsters will be trading on decentralized exchanges with an open-source marketplace embedded within the ecosystem.

Problem & Solution

The Metaverse is inevitable. Just like finding Love in the Metaverse.

The Problem

Centralized Gaming
  • Big corporations farming your data.
  • Gaming companies keep 100% of Profits.
  • No real end user value.
  • Bombarded with ads.

Our Solution

Decentralized Gaming
  • Play 2 Earn.
  • Open Source Marketplace.
  • Designers & Devs can sell in game accessories.
  • Community Driven.
  • Earn Residual Income.

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 40%Airdrops & In Game Rewards
  • 30%Development & Marketing
  • 20%Team & Founders
  • 10%Contributors & Advisors
  • 40%Software Development
  • 12%Business Development
  • 30%Market Development
  • 3%Legal & Regulation
  • 5%Partners & Investors
  • 10%Operational

Read Our Documents

Click on the image to the left and you will find links to our official Whitepaper and a detailed document regarding our Gaming Mechanics.


An ecosystem boasting revolutionary blockchain technology.

Play 2 Earn

The Love Monsters’ ecosystem offers a novel adaption to the Play to Earn revolution. Join PvP battles and earn with your monsters against users worldwide.

Open Source Marketplace

Monster Marketplace; enabling designers and developers to design products & accessories to be sold within our ecosystem to earn residual income.

Community Focused

Creating a collaborative and inclusive community is at the heart of our vision. Community members drive product development and future roadmap items with a feedback loop.

Metaverse Gaming

Welcoming the Monster Planet into the Metaverse arena with land, resources and power ups to govern your virtual universe.


2021 Q3
  • Love Monster Concept
  • Team Assemble
2021 Q4
  • Proof of Concept
  • xLoveMonster Token Creation
  • Strategic Infrastructure
  • Whitepaper V1 Completion
2021 Q4
  • NFT Creation
  • Game Design
  • UI & UX Creation
  • Building The MVP
2021 Q4
Presale Event
  • Seed Funding Raised
  • Sold Out Within 14 Days
  • 3,333 Tokens Sold
2021 Q4
  • Snapshot Event
  • ArtBasel - YachtBasel Miami
  • Onboarding Ambassadors
2021 Q4
  • Token Sale Round 1
  • Updated Whitepaper V.2
  • Game Mechanics Release
2022 Q1
Further Development
  • V1.0 Game Prototyping
  • Private Closed Alpha Testing
  • Merch Store Release
2022 Q2
  • Beta Testing
  • Token Sale Rounds Complete
  • PR Campaigns
2022 Q2
Community Benefits
  • Establishing global user base
  • VIP Party @ Love Monster Mansion
  • Love Monster Game Release
  • Airdrops
2022 Q3
  • Global Marketing Campaigns
  • DEX Listings
  • Mainstream Release
2022 Q3/Q4
  • Global Marketing Campaigns
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Game Version 2.0 Release

Frequently asked questions

You will need to activate our Trustline the link can be found in the footer of our website. Once you have setup the Trustline you can then purchase xLoveMonster tokens using Sologenics DEX, Xumm Wallet or the XRP Toolkit.

xLoveMonsters maximum supply of tokens is limited to 33,333 tokens and this has been blackholed meaning no further tokens can be created.

Minting will take place once we launch our marketplace. Minting NFT's on the XRPL is currently unavailable as stated on the XRPL Github: It requires an amendment to the XRP Ledger protocol, which increases complexity and adds more types of data that must be tracked and maintained as part of the ledger indefinitely.

If you purchase any xLoveMonster tokens you will be able to redeem your token on a 1:1 ratio for our Love Monster NFT's on the Monster Marketplace once minting is available. The maximum amount of tokens in circulation will be limited to 9.500 tokens until the release of our mobile game and the launch of our Marketplace this is to guarantee anyone who buys the token can claim their NFTs.

Your NFT is more than just a .jpeg! You can use your Love Monster to play with in the game, rank up your monsters base skills, battle your Love Monster with other players, explore our arcade modes and trade it Live on our Monster Marketplace.

Contact Us

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